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Hello there! I’m Eric and I am glad you made it to my photography site. I take it you want to know a little something about me.

I am originally from Switzerland, where I graduated in engineering, which did not surprise anyone as my first passion was taking things apart to understand how they worked. During that time I also had a chance to put into practice my other passion: photography. I did some reportage for the university newspaper and I spent many nights surrounded by odors of developer, stop and fixer baths. I acquired my lighting basics during a summer internship with a studio photographer in Lausanne. My very first wedding did not go exactly as planned: my film did not engage properly in the camera and came out black. Luckily my other camera with a black-and-white film saved the day. At that stage I swore never to do a wedding again, which held true for the next 10 years.

In 1995 I moved to California and have worked as a software engineer in the Bay Area ever since. I also met my lovely wife Olivia and we have two always charming kids age 11 and 14.

Photography has remained an incredibly rewarding creative outlet through which I have been able to follow my inspiration and develop a unique style, while being selective in the photography engagements I commit myself into.

I aim to create images that tell a visually appealing a story through the use of carefully chosen backgrounds, subtle lighting and post-processing. As you may have seen in my portfolio, I love working with people. This has led me into fine-art portraiture, conceptual imagery as well as dance photography.

I could go on and tell you more stories of my life; but in reality I am more interested in getting to know your own story, and maybe come up with a unique concept for you and create images reflecting that story.

If this has drawn your curiosity, send me an email at info@ericraeber.com or give me a call at (650)395-7374. You can also directly check my availability.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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