Shoe Quiz - eraeber

I conducted this little experiment a day of summer 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland. With a few fellow friends, we stopped people in the street and asked them to pose for me. I would not only ask for taking a headshot, but I would also want to immortalize their feet. 

This is how I gathered the images below. if you are curious to find out how you score, attempt to re-assign each individual his or her original pair of feet by finding out how the 4 letters under each image should be sequenced. Send me you response through the contact form and I will tell you how you scored.

Let's start by promising free hugs for the winner

Shoe Quiz #2

Bare foot is always cool!

Shoe Quiz #3<br />
<br />
Can you guess the order of the letters for each individual to recover their feet?<br />
<br />
More and more difficult by the day, are they not? Take your pick.

50% chances of rain that day!

Shoe Quiz #4<br />
<br />
Can you guess the order of the letters for each person to recover their feet?<br />
<br />
I love asking people in the street for something weird. Asking people to take a photograph of their feet always creates surprise, which in the vast majority of the cases results in accepting the photo.

One person here was having her bachelorette party

Shoe Quiz #5

Having more than one person in the picture gives it away... But then someone else was standing on wheels to compensate.

Shoe Quiz #1

And the last one.

Shoe Quiz #6

With that I wish you good luck and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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