If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what could you do to save our planet? - eraeber

If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what could you do to save our planet?

We often see photography as a tool to document the past, but it also has the potential to influence the future. Our planet needs a future. The damages we inflicted it may seem irreversible, and the task ahead of us, insurmountable; I asked the very generation who will inherit these problems we created:

    “If earth was the size of a beach ball, what could you do to save our planet?”

Since early 2016, I have been reaching out to parents with children between the age of 6 and 12, asking them to start a conversation about the issues of global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources and other global problem of our time in order for their kids to respond to my question.

Each idea leads me to a portrait in which the children illustrate their idea, Earth on their lap. These conversations and the making of these images raised their awareness to our environment and its problems. I hope it will also raise yours and inspire you to take on the challenge I propose at the end of this page. Our planet needs a future, because we have no other place to go.

So you made it all the way here? Good, because I hereby challenge you to show us how YOU would save our planet, if it was the size of a beach ball (or any ball for that matter).

Take a photo or a video and post it within 24 hours with hashtag #IfEarthWasTheSizeOfABeachBallAlternatively, make a difference by planting trees at http://bit.ly/2kIf9V0.

Finally, invite three or more of your friends to take on this challenge.

"I would photograph children with a beach ball, to inspire us into saving our planet."

"I would photograph children with a beach ball, to inspire us into saving our planet."

Eric Raeber

Map data for Earth: Google, Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image IBCAO, Image U.S. Geological Survey, Image Landsat.

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