Renaissance - eraeber

They could have been merchant, seamen,  craftsmen or cook. They held many occupations. During Renaissance people would sell spices, repair sails, work wood, tend livestock or work wool. It was a period of intellectual and economic changes in Europe. Not only did the fourteenth to the sixteenth century see change in traditional jobs, but the artistic, social, scientific, and political thoughts turned in new directions, with famous figures to be remembered.

What occupation would you have had?

With my new 2018 photographic series I ask teenagers and young adults to portray these occupations. I photograph the concepts in my home studio in Redwood City in period costume and with artifacts or tools I can find or make.

Here are the first images from this series.

If you are interested in collaborating:

-  If you are (or know of) a teenager from the San Francisco Bay Area, ready to step in front of my lens, this is an opportunity to create art -- and get a free portrait session along the way.

- Access to period clothing proves to be a difficult thing; especially since I want one ensemble per concept. If you have access to period clothing (mainly of the working class), would you lend it for a photo session?

- The tools of the trade help the image tell the story. If you own vintage cooking utensils, wood working tools, a wool spinner or any other period tool, would you let me use it for a concept?

If you have any suggestion or are interested to collaborate, please reach out.

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