D526 Haight street photowalk - eraeber
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Street portrait

Street portrait

When walking the street during photowalks, if the wind is not too strong, I like taking out a handheld stand with speedlite and softbox!

Yesterday we were in the streets around lower Haight in San Francisco with the likes of +Chris Chabot, +Guillaume Desachy, +Steve McClanahan +Raj Golawar, +Thomas Hawk, +Kevin Steele and a good 100 more for a Flickr photowalk led by +Bhautik Joshi.

During the last part of the walk I had a chance to take out my light and test it in the street with my new #fujix100s and its prime 35mm equivalent lens. Here is a portrait at 1/4000, f/4, iso 200. The fast sync allows to nicely tune down the ambient light of the background while providing a smooth light for the portrait.

As +Chris Chabot would put it: shooting shooting people in the face is fun... Doing so in plain light it is even better ;-)