Classical ballet can be seen as a pursuit of perfection. But more important in dance, is the pursuit of innovation. I innovate in seeking the intersection or movement and time.

I enjoy working with ballet companies, independent artists and dance schools to create images never seen before.

Creative imagery requires careful--yet flexible--planning. I  prepare detailed concepts, provide props that add randomness to movement, and create lighting that complements the desired mood. However, when on set, dancer and photographer perform a pas-de-deux, leaning on each other's skills, collaborate, tweak and modify prior plans to create those unique images we are so looking for.

This is why you will so such variety in my portfolio. I cannot constrain myself to just one style. I find inspiration through frequent experimentation, pushing the borders of my comfort zone.

I hope you will like the variety you see in my series of images and I am looking forward to working together.

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