If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what would you do to save our planet?

Right now, the damages we inflicted on our planet may seem irreversible, and the task ahead of us, insurmountable. But our next generation needs a planet. Since 2016, I’ve been reaching out to children to see how they would give our planet a future, by asking the question:

        “If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what would you do to save our planet?”

This question not only raised their awareness about issues such as global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources and other global problem of our times; but I hope for this book to inspire us all to change just a little bit the way we treat our planet.

Prints can also be ordered individually from this photo gallery.

But this project is not limited to children. You can also contribute to Eden Projects, a non-profit I carefully selected that not only offsets CO2 emissions by planting trees, but also fights extreme poverty in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti and Ethiopia by providing salaries to families for doing the work: edenprojects.org

Map data for Earth: Google, Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image IBCAO, Image U.S. Geological Survey, Image Landsat.

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