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Crazy Hair

How the image came to be

What an excitement tonight when I see the image I submitted for +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt placed by every single judge! Thank you so much
+Chris Chabot, +dene' miles, +Alan Shapiro, +Derek Kind +Jacob Lucas and +Barry Blanchard.

Unlike my profile pic might suggest, this image did not start with the idea of water. It actually started with a patch of grass.

A few weeks prior to the theme announcement, and as a highly scientific experiment to see how tall grass could grow, my daughter decided to build a small fence around a patch of grass to protect it from the sharp knifes of the lawnmower.

When Chrysta announced the theme of "Crazy Hair", and before I had any concept in mind, I knew one thing: I needed a wig! I had no idea what I'd do with it, but I knew I needed a wig. The same night it was ordered on eBay.

So when the wig came in the mail, I still had no idea, I took some other images and selfies, wich you may have seen in my stream. but I still had no clue on how to make that hair go crazy!

Walking around the house, I came across our watering can, not too far from that patch of grass. And one plus one made two!

Around that same time I started experimenting with water balloons and after my original experimentation which resulted in my current profile pic, +Christopher Germano mentioned another great artist: +Tim Tadder who had a fabulous project of water wigs. It is his videos that inspired me for the hat effect of the balloon. And that is when it clicked and one plus one made three! I had my concept!

I will create a separate post with a behind the scenes. Or, as I do not have that many shots, this might turn more into a collection of bloppers.

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