Liquid all around - eraeber
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*What do you do when you receive flowers for father's day?*

Put them in water, of course!

If you wonder how this was taken, do a hand stand in front of your computer (or turn your monitor upside-down if you think this to be easier). I had two ladders run across the pool. I was leaning on the first, body in the water and my feet were locked under the second to avoid diving in.

I waited late afternoon, for the pool to be in the shade. I did not want any light through the surface of the pool. I had a single speedlight locked in an airtight empty plastic container from Costco that once held nuts. It was on the floor of the pool with a white umbrella somewhat attached. The speedlight was triggered from the weak flash on my NEX-5 in a waterproof bag.

I figured that using a tripod underwater added too much complexity... So I had my 7 year old aim the camera and press the shutter while I held my breath for three successive images. He had a blast, seeing his dad get all dressed into the pool!